Returning Processed Returns To Your Warehouse
We return your goods to your warehouse exactly the way the warehouse requires for easy receiving.
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Rapidly Growing Clients Include:

Returning Inventory to You

When your returned goods are fully processed, we scan them into shipping cartons. These cartons go onto a pallet. When the pallet is complete, we return it to your warehouse. We provide a detailed packing list for every box as well as LTL tracking. We can also return merchandise back to you more frequently if you don't want to wait for a pallet to be completed. We ship to you at whatever cadence you prefer.

Perfect Pallets

We secure your returns safely in shipping cartons and wrap these cartons carefully on a standard sized pallets. We dispatch pallets back to you using the most reliable and competitive rates available. We do not mark up the logistics cost. We pass it through on our monthly invoices.

Packing Lists

We provide you and your warehouse with packing lists, shipping plans and manifestos, or anything else you need for smooth receiving.

Shipping Frequency

If you have a low return volume, you may want your merchandise back more frequently. For many of our higher volume clients, we're sending multiple pallets per week of processed returns back. We will work with you to be sure that we return your goods to you exactly the way that you want.

Jack at Jambys

"The best part about RockReturns is I forget we even use them. Next thing you know every month I get an email saying hundreds of pairs of Jambys are fully packed as new and sent to our fulfillment center. It's free revenue."

Gregg at Section119

"I haven't thought about or worried about our returns in almost two years. They turned a problem into something I don't even think about anymore."

Why RockReturns?

Your 3PL hates returns. Your warehouse hates returns. Your finance and ops teams passionately hate returns. Heck, even you probably hate returns! You know who loves them? We do. We absolutely love what we do. We take care of your returned merchandise as if it was our very own. We are so proud of the select brands that we work with. We look forward to working with you as well.

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