We Receive Your Returns

Your daily returns are delivered into our capable hands at one of our warehouse locations. They are then sorted and opened. Every return is inspected side-by-side with the RMA in your returns platform to make sure we have all the items back. This holds customers accountable and ensures fair refunds. Every discrepancy we find is noted in detail and sent to your support team for their review.

Daily Inflow

We manage daily returns from all carriers, saving you labor and warehouse space.


We carefully inspect every returned item and sort out defective or damaged goods.

Quick Processing

We aim to process all customer returns within 3 days of receiving them.


We Re-package Your Returned Goods

Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how bad your returns look when they’re dumped on our doorstep every day. We LOVE it. We take so much pride in turning a wrinkled up pair of jeans into a thread-perfect, brand new item. We re-kit and re-package your returns following your own the standard operating procedure.

Branded & Custom Packaginging

We customize bags, boxes, ribbons, tags, and more to make returns appear brand new, ensuring a premium unboxing experience every time.

Supply Management

We oversee your packaging supplies, notify you of low stock, and can independently procure supplies if linked with your supplier or manufacturer.

Generic Packaging

We stock generic poly bags and standard packaging. No custom needs? No problem. We’ll supply everything necessary to fully service your account.


We Return Your Goods to Your Warehouse

When your returned goods are fully processed, we scan them into shipping cartons. These cartons go onto a pallet. When the pallet is complete, we return it to your warehouse. We provide a detailed packing list for every box as well as LTL tracking. We can also return merchandise back to you more frequently if you don’t want to wait for a pallet to be completed. We ship to you at whatever cadence you prefer.

Perfect Pallets

We safely secure returns in cartons, wrap them on standard pallets, and dispatch using reliable, cost-effective rates without markups, detailed on monthly invoices.

Packing Lists

We provide detailed packing lists, shipping plans, and manifests, ensuring smooth and efficient receiving at your warehouse for hassle-free processing.

Shipping Frequency

Whether you’re low or high volume, we tailor return shipments to your preference, from frequent dispatches for low volume to multiple pallets weekly for high volume.

We look forward to working with you!