From balled up return to perfect new inventory
We carefully inspect, repackage, and relabel your returned merchandise to manufacturing standards.
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Rapidly Growing Clients Include:

Re-packaging Your Returned Goods

Honestly, you wouldn't believe how bad your returns look when they're dumped on our doorstep every day. We LOVE it. We take so much pride in turning a wrinkled up pair of jeans into a thread-perfect, brand new item. We re-kit and re-package your returns following your own the standard operating procedure.

Branded and Custom Packaging

We have seen it all. Custom bags, boxes, ribbons, tags, note cards, or anything else you can think of - we do it. Whatever it takes to make your return look like a brand new item - that's what we do.

Supply Management

We will manage your packaging supplies and alert you when stocks are low. We can also procure your supplies independently if you set us up with your supplier or manufacturer.

Generic Packaging is Fine Too

We keep generic poly bags and lots of standard packaging supplies in stock. If you don't use custom bags and packaging, that's no problem. We'll help provide everything we need to service your account.

Jack at Jambys

"The best part about RockReturns is I forget we even use them. Next thing you know every month I get an email saying hundreds of pairs of Jambys are fully packed as new and sent to our fulfillment center. It's free revenue."

Gregg at Section119

"I haven't thought about or worried about our returns in almost two years. They turned a problem into something I don't even think about anymore."

Why RockReturns?

Your 3PL hates returns. Your warehouse hates returns. Your finance and ops teams passionately hate returns. Heck, even you probably hate returns! You know who loves them? We do. We absolutely love what we do. We take care of your returned merchandise as if it was our very own. We are so proud of the select brands that we work with. We look forward to working with you as well.

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