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Better Cost Efficiency. Faster Turnaround. Zero Bullshit.

RockReturns receives, inspects, cleans, steams, folds, and repackages apparel returns and gets them back in your inventory better than anyone else.
How does this look when open?

RockReturns receives returns directly from your customers at our warehouse - that way they don't pile up in yours! We inspect every return, process the RMA in your returns platform, then fully re-fold and repackage your returned goods. We then palletize them and send them back to your warehouse to be sold as new inventory.

What exactly do you do again?
How does this look when open?

We are very transparent about our pricing. Once we understand the standard process for receiving and repackaging your returns, we will give you a flat-rate per-returned-item price that is all inclusive. No additional fees. We don't markup logistics costs for transporting goods back to your warehouse either.

How much does RockReturns cost?
How does this look when open?

Our warehouse is in Rockwall, TX near Dallas. We also have an office and team in Greenville, SC. Come visit! 

Where are you located?
How does this look when open?

When we receive and inspect your returns, we carefully weed out damaged and defective items so they don't go out to another customer. We itemize and note all problems and share that with your support team. Every few months, we can return damaged items to you, or donate them on your behalf to an organization of your choosing.

What do you with damaged or defective returns?
Jack from Jambys

"The best part about RockReturns is I forget we even use them. Next thing you know every month I get an email saying hundreds of pairs of Jambys are fully packed as new and sent to our fulfillment center. It's free revenue. "

Gregg at Section119

"I haven't thought about or worried about our returns in almost two years. They turned a problem into something I don't even think about anymore."

Returns to Revenue. No Worries.

We love your returns. We inspect, validate, refund, clean, fold, and repackage all of your returned merchandise. Then we carefully palletize and return everything to your warehouse as new inventory. As far as we know, we're the only company that does exactly what we do. But for sure, we are the best, and we're proud of it.

Returns to Revenue

We turn that scuffed up pair of shoes or balled up shirt into a like-new item, back on your shelf in just days.

Return Processing

We inspect every item and separate defective from good merchandise. We process refunds in any platform.

Cost Efficiency

We convert 99% of your returns into sellable merchandise, delivering real ROI on returns.

Why RockReturns?

Your 3PL hates returns. Your warehouse hates returns. Your finance and ops teams passionately hate returns. Heck, even you probably hate returns! You know who loves them? We do. We absolutely love what we do. We take care of your returned merchandise as if it was our very own. We are so proud of the select brands that we work with. We look forward to working with you as well!

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