Never Worry About Returns Again.
We turn returns into ready-to-sell inventory quickly and accurately.
Better Cost Efficiency. Faster Turnaround. Zero Bullshit.

RockReturns receives, inspects, cleans, steams, folds, and repackages apparel returns and gets them back in your inventory better than anyone else.
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Jack from Jambys

"The best part about RockReturns is I forget we even use them. Next thing you know every month I get an email saying hundreds of pairs of Jambys are fully packed as new and sent to our fulfillment center. It's free revenue. "

Gregg from Section119

"I haven't thought about or worried about our returns in almost two years. They turned a problem into something I don't even think about anymore."

High-Touch Apparel Returns Processing

RockReturns receives your customer's returns and inspects, cleans, and repackages the merchandise according to your specifications. We re-label items, palletize them, and ship them back to your warehouse to be sold again as new. We do it all within3 days of receiving a return. No more backlogs, no more seasonality spikes, no more wasted inventory.

Returns to Revenue

We turn that scuffed up pair of shoes or balled up shirt into a like-new item, back on your shelf in just days.

Return Processing

We inspect every item and separate defective from good merchandise. We process refunds in any platform.

Cost Efficiency

We convert 99% of your returns into sellable merchandise, delivering real ROI on returns.

Receiving Customers' Returns

Change your destination address in your returns platform to our warehouse. We receive your daily inflow of returns. We open and carefully inspect the contents of every package against the RMA, and then issue the customer's refund (if desired). We report all problematic or damaged returns to your team on a weekly basis.

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Inspection, Refurbishing, Folding

Frankly, your returns are a jumbled up mess when we receive them. So we carefully inspect every item and determine its condition. We then refold or repackaged the item exactly as your manufacturer would. Our capabilities include steam, spot, and odor treatment. When we are finished processing a returned item, you cannot tell it apart from a new item from your manufacturer.

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Returning Merchandise to You

We carefully pack your processed returns into shipping cartons with packing lists. The cartons typically are palletized, then dispatched back to your 3PL or warehouse along. We follow your receiving protocols to ensure smooth inbounding. We do not mark-up the logistics of returning merchandise to you - we choose the most competitive courier or LTL vendor and pass the cost through transparently.

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Custom Repackaging and Kitting

RockReturns solely focuses on processing apparel and footwear returns. As such, we are able to provide you with highly customized repackaging services - whether it's a ribbon on top, a handwritten note, or custom assembled shoeboxes - we have seen it all. When you see a product from us and a product from your manufacturer, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference.

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Why RockReturns?

Your 3PL hates returns. Your warehouse hates returns. Your finance and ops teams passionately hate returns. Heck, even you probably hate returns! You know who loves them? We do. We absolutely love what we do. We take care of your returned merchandise as if it was our very own. We are so proud of the select brands that we work with. We look forward to working with you as well! 

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Why Switch to RockReturns?

Simple, Transparent Pricing
Pay per returned item, and nothing more.
White-Glove Service Included
Steaming? Folding? Cleaning? Repackaging? Pinning? No prob.
Fast Returns Processing
Returned merchandise is processed and sent to your 3PL in days, not weeks.
Safe, Climate Controlled Facility
Delicate items? Easy. Stay cool from the warehouse to the doorstep.
No Minimums
We have two facilities, one for smaller & growing partners, and one for larger brands with higher return volume.
No Receiving, Storage, or Hidden Fees
Pay only per returned item.
Simple Onboarding
First, update your returns address to our facility. Then, take a nap.
What We Don't Do
Lie. Nickel and Dime. Overpromise or under-deliver.
About Us

Meet RockReturns

We are a band of ecommerce and operations entrepreneurs, with experience in every facet of ecommerce. We built RockReturns to service one of our own brands, as well as a few of our friends. And we've grown organically since then. We're based in Greenville, SC and Dallas, TX.

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