Get +95% of Your Returns Back In Inventory Within A Week
Better Cost Efficiency. Faster Turnaround. Zero Bullshit.

RockReturns receives, inspects, cleans, steams, folds, and repackages apparel returns and gets them back in your inventory better than anyone else.
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Rapidly Growing Clients Include:

Why Switch to RockReturns?

Simple, Transparent Pricing
Pay per returned item, and nothing more.
White-Glove Service Included
Steaming? Folding? Cleaning? Repackaging? Pinning? No prob.
Fast Returns Processing
Returned merchandise is processed and sent to your 3PL in days, not weeks.
Safe, Climate Controlled Facility
Delicate items? Easy. Stay cool from the warehouse to the doorstep.
No Minimums
We have two facilities, one for smaller & growing partners, and one for larger brands with higher return volume.
No Receiving, Storage, or Hidden Fees
Pay only per returned item.
Simple Onboarding
First, update your returns address to our facility. Then, take a nap.
What We Don't Do
Lie. Nickel and Dime. Overpromise or under-deliver.
About Us

Meet RockReturns

We are a band of ecommerce and operations entrepreneurs, with experience in every facet of ecommerce. We built RockReturns to service one of our own brands, as well as a few of our friends. And we've grown organically since then. We're based in Greenville, SC and Dallas, TX.

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