We Rock Returns!
Think processing apparel returns sounds boring? We sure don't.

First, you should understand that we LOVE what we do. We are operations and systems thinkers. We love logistics and systems optimization. We also have owned and operated multiple ecommerce companies, so we truly understand the full cycle from supply chain to consumer, and back again. We are Shopify geeks, Loop lovers, and above all, we treat our clients' businesses as if they were our own.

RockReturns was founded in Greenville, SC by necessity. Co-founder Sonny Byrd ran a luxury apparel Shopify business and with such high-touch and high-end merchandise, he couldn't trust any other 3PL with his packaging, shipping or returns. Organically, other like-minded ecomm companies who also couldn't find the perfect solution for their apparel returns hopped on board. And thus, RockReturns was born.

What about the name? The first call that Sonny made when the returns service started gaining traction was to Rocky Collier. She joined from day one as general manager and head of operations. Rocky is the namesake and keeps the train on the tracks. Sonny heads up business and partnerships.

Let Us Rock Your Returns
Better returns. Better service. Better cost efficiency. Better shopper experiences. Let's Rock.
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